Hi, does The Healthy Playbook offer any sponsorships?
Unfortunately, the team at The Healthy Playbook does not currently sponsor any athletes or people. We will be looking to add sponsorship opportunities in the future so sit tight.

Hi, I would like to sponsor The Healthy Playbook, how do I go about that?
If you would like to sponsor The Healthy Playbook and help with it’s day to day operations we are more than happy to have you on board provided that we believe in your product or service. If our goals align, we can sit and talk sponsorship to see how we can both benefit the public with our partnership. Please hit the contact button or send us an email at thehealthyplaybook@hotmail.com.

I’d like for you to be a brand ambassador for our company, would you consider it?
Of course! If your company has similar values as ours and we can mutually benefit each other, then we can talk business. Send through your proposal to thehealthyplaybook@hotmail.com.