Your Instagram is awesome, do you do shoutouts?
Of course! We absolutely believe in giving back to the community. If you have an awesome product that we use and believe in, it will naturally be tagged in our photos. If you’re a successful participant in one of our programs, you can be sure we will show you and your story off to the world and if you’re a proud owner of some Healthy Playbook merch, we are so proud that you love our brand and will do our best to shout you out.

Sure! Well, that depends entirely on your values and/or your product. If we believe in your company and its ability to help others, then you may be a potential collaboration partner. We’re all about everything health, if your ideals align with ours, we’d be more than happy to work with you. Please contact the team at with your proposal.

We’d like to pay you to post about our product/service, what’s the cost?
If you would like a personal and professional review about your product or service, we can help you out. Promotion on Instagram starts from $100 per post. However, our only condition is that your product/service aligns with our values. Contact if you would like to advertise with us.

If I send you some of my company’s products to try, will you? Will you post about them?
If you would like to send samples of your product for us to try, we are more than happy to accept them. Much like everything else we do, we love sharing the power of health to our community. If your product aligns with our values, we will do a review and post about it. Our suggestion is to also add a unique code for our community to go and try your products too. I’m sure we can find a way to mutually benefit each other. Contact if you would like to send some products our way.

You have an awesome voice in the community, would you like to become an affiliate?
We select all of our affiliate partners carefully, they must align with our values and provide a quality service/product to the public. We only recommend things we use ourselves, regardless of the price you pay us. If we don’t believe in the product or service, we will not promote it. If you would like to partner up with us for affiliate marketing, please send us a proposal at

Would you like to come to one of our events as an influencer and cover the event?
We love events, provided we have availability in our schedule, we would be happy to attend your event provided it brings value to our community. To talk terms, please send your proposal to

Can I repost your photos or videos of our venue/food/activity participation?
Sure thing! If I have come by your business and posted about it, I would love for you to share it with your audience. My only terms for sharing one of my photos is to provide credit where due. Make sure to tag us in the photo and use @thehealthyplaybook in the comments. As the owner of the photo, I would really appreciate credit where due. I have no problem with sharing the photo or video as long as it’s properly credited. 

Would you like to be a brand ambassador/sponsored?
If your brand aligns with our values, I would love to be a brand ambassador or sponsored athlete/influencer. Please send through your proposal to