The Power of Mealprep!

The reason why most people fail during their weightloss journey is because they fail to prepare. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Regardless of which diet you go on, there is such a support behind mealprepping for one simple reason. It keeps you compliant and it makes sure that you only intake your allocated calories for the day. Have you ever started a diet and ended up giving up because there was no food at the end of a long work day or when you opened up the fridge, there was a bunch of boring ingredients just staring you in the face and another 30-40 minutes waiting for you to prepare them into a meal? It’s the case for a lot of people, I knew that was the case for me aswell.

When I used to prepare my own meals, I would return home to find a lovely box of food sitting there in the fridge waiting for me, but when I had run out, I was always dreading the 3-4 hours of mealprep looming ahead to prepare meals for the next 4 days. I don’t like eating boring chicken and broccoli aswell as most of you guys can see on @thehealthyplaybook Instagram feed.

For this reason, I’ve partnered up with Muscle Diets over the next few weeks to give you all a discount. Visit their website to check out their food and use code “ALLENMD” for 2 free meals. They make their food fresh and deliver it to your door frozen and ready to go after thawing out.

This is a great opportunity for you to start trying different options in the market to determine what is the best fit for you! Give them a visit to see if its something that interests you. Meal prepping yourself is always the best choice, but when time becomes a factor, free yourself up by getting someone else to cook for you. Having a mealprep company take care of your macros is the next best thing to a personal chef 🙂

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