The Healthy Playbook U.S.A Tour – Barbell Brigade Visit Part 2 (REVIEW)

Part 2 of the Barbell Brigade review as promised. I want to speak about training atmosphere/environment in this post. I believe a successful gym is built upon its members and the training atmosphere.

Barbell Brigade has a truly unique training environment. When I first started training, I became addicted to the iron simply because the school gym had everything that a gym should be. A community of like minded supportive staff and friends, loud music, people actually training hard instead of texting every set/wasting time. You can slam weights, you can film and everyone is open to helping you as well a helpful chat if needed.

The staff are well educated and they train as well. Not only that they are hustling and following owner Bart and Geo’s foot steps which I find absolutely inspiring. I find that to be absolutely essential in any gym. A gym where the staff have a drive for themselves is a gym I want to train in.

I’m still a little bit devastated that I couldn’t train in the gym for longer than I could due to other activities pressing on time but I’ll definitely be back in the future if I’m around. For now though, you can check out the leg portion of my workout.

Now watch the short vlog for part 2 down below, don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Barbell Brigade is located at 646 Gibbons St, Los Angeles, California. It is a premier powerlifting and bodybuilding gym which feature the best quality equipment and atmosphere for any lifter.

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