The Healthy Playbook U.S.A Tour – Barbell Brigade Visit Part 1 (REVIEW)

Hello Thp fam! I had the chance to visit Barbell Brigade in L.A. Barbell Brigade is pretty much my dream gym. Plenty of equipment, heaps of different barbells, lots of plates and a tonne of cool people.

Barbell is definitely my vision of the perfect gym, nice loud music and raw weights with a long strip of astroturf for functional/speed/stretching. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. Now I’ve been following owners Bart Kwan and Geo Antoinette (Kwan) for a long time and for me to actually visit their gym was literally a dream come true. I felt like a kid in a candy store. What was even better was, I had the opportunity to have a quick chat with them and even meet some of the crew! That was such a great experience to meet people you watch every day in real life.

So this first part of the blog, I’m going to talk quickly about the gym and the equipment as well as run you through the first half of my workout.


  • AMAZING AMAZING – Ample space, plenty of platforms for deadlifting, a long cage for squats and monkey bar style stuff as well as power cages for squatting again. Competition benches, a pit shark and enough dumbells for everyone. Perfect in terms of strength training, heaps of different bands, belts, and accessories were supplied and chalk was free to use (YASSS). Long astroturf pitch for stretching, rolling, running and all that sort of fun stuff which was cool. I love astroturf in any gym, it just brings the place to life.
  • The mural wall – Holy sweet powerlifting Jesus, this is featured in almost every single Insta famous, Youtube famous fitness video. It was so good to finally see it in life and damnnnn it is big. If you want to get the whole thing into a photo it’s pretty much impossible so I opted for pictures with the skull and barbell logo which look amazing.
  • Atmosphere – Solid iron plates which make a clank (don’t pinch your fingers), quality barbells and plenty of variety with good knurling. Loud music and people busting ass to workout as well as a few celebs walking around this is the place to be. A supportive fun environment with people helping each other in order to progress and smash PRs. Reminds me of my high school gym just a little bit, nice and loud, full of great supportive people. For atmosphere and environment, it is so damn awesome.
  • Anything else to add in terms of the gym? Not much. This gym is the mecca for powerlifters thus far. This gym is the holy grail for people who love anything Youtube and Instagram. This is where all the action happens. The staff are amazing (Thank you Jeannie) who serve you and look after you. I was treated like family straight away and I got to meet some of my idols. Overall a great great experience and I pushed out an amazing session with a tonne of jet lag so this gym deserves a 10/10 on my books.

My goal now is to start something like this in Sydney back at home. I’m gonna bust my ass to work for it so hopefully, I can serve all of you in the future and bring you a premier powerlifting gym which feels like home.

Now watch the short vlog for part 1 down below, don’t forget to subscribe!

Barbell Brigade is located at 646 Gibbons St, Los Angeles, California. It is a premier powerlifting and bodybuilding gym which feature the best quality equipment and atmosphere for any lifter.

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