The Three Hidden Killers That Could Be Reducing Your Life Span!


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The three hidden aspects of cellular aging and degenerative diseases include;

Free Radicals

Oxidative stress is one of the principle causes of aging and disease. Free radicals are molecular fragments, chemically speaking they are very damaging and reactive. Think of it as the sparks of a fireplace, if you don’t protect that fire sparks will jump out and burn holes in your floor. The same thing happens in the cell, if you don’t protect the membranes and organelles of the cell with anti-oxidants which are the grate which protects the fire, then those free radical sparks will literally punch holes in the membranes of the cell and damage the components/bio-molecules of the cell and they set the cell up for systemic inflammation which is one of the principle causes of cellular aging. This is due the damaging of the mitochondria in the cell which is responsible for energy production leading to a reduction in cellular activity (Finkel and Holbrook, 2000).


Inflammation causes the body to respond to the area of damage which produces signalling molecules after activation from oxidative stress. These molecules can turn on and off genes in the cell nucleus which increase the damaging catabolic actions in the cell which accelerate cellular aging and increase degenerative processes. In recent studies, it has been documented that inflammation is a critical component of cancer. With many cancers arising from sites of inflammation, infection and chronic irritation. It has been observed that tumour microenvironment is orchestrated by inflammatory cells (Coussens and Werb, 2002). Proper supplementation provides the nutrients that will target these processes of oxidative stress and inflammation reducing the effects of damage.


Glycation can be related to the browning of a duck in the oven. It actually does happen to the body over time especially if the body is in a state of chronic sugar overload (Hypoglycemic) which is often the case in the diets that we have today. The cross-linking of proteins and sugars and excess fats sets us up for the aging process, we develop liver spots, yellowing of the cornea of the eyes and the teeth, the stiffening of the ligaments in joints. The compounded formed by cross-linking proteins and compounds reside and accumulate in the collagen of the skin resulting in the browning of skin cells and furthermore accelerates the rate of diabetes (Baynes, 1991).

Oxidative stress, inflammation, and glycation are three driving aspects of degenerative disease and cellular aging. The great thing is that you can minimalise these three stressors, make sure you have a proper diet with adequate high-quality supplement support, consistent moderate intensity exercise and reduce mental stress.

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