What’s Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals? Are You Trapped By Fear?


Reading Time: 4 minutes

Everybody knows about the flea, you know that six-legged jumping bloodsucking insect. Anyway, this such insect can jump to heights of a double decker bus yet you can keep it in a jar without it jumping out.

So on with the story, one day a scientist did an experiment with this insect, put it in a jar and put a clear lid on it. It jumped and jumped and jumped trying to escape but it kept smacking its head. Obviously, it was used to being free and jumping over buses and such, but now it kept hitting the lid and smacking its head. Eventually, the flea gives up and stops hitting its head. It kept jumping but it only got to a height just below the lid. Now the scientist removes the lid and leaves the jar sitting there allowing the flea to escape. However, the flea continues to jump at a height below the lip of the jar. It continues to believe that it cannot get out of the jar and therefore never tries to jump out.

Now the problem here isn’t physical, we all know the flea can jump to vast heights yet he can’t escape a measly glass jar? It has been held back by a mental barrier, it thinks it cannot jump any higher so it doesn’t even try, even though it has the ability to reach 100 times as high.

My questions to you are:

How many perceived glass ceilings do you have that are preventing you from achieving your potential?

Do you have a glass ceiling on your earning potential, your physique, your intimacy, your health, your energy and your fitness?

We have all had times when we didn’t believe in what we did and we didn’t believe that we could achieve our goals. Together with other people telling you how hard it is or you can’t make it or that you are incapable. It slowly builds and you start believing it. That is your invisible lid – the barrier to your full potential and the wall between you and what you deserve.

So how do we break this lid? How do break this invisible barrier that traps us in our glass jar?

A positive mindset, maintaining a great attitude, and having a clear goal and vision set for yourself has a major impact on breaking through that barrier. Surrounding yourself with positive supportive people and you’ll double your odds. You know how it goes – you are the average of the five closest people around you.

But you know what works even better?

Action and the right knowledge.

When you put the actions behind your plan, you will see results.

When you start going to the gym, lose those extra kilos or you put on that extra muscle.
When you start fixing your diet, eating right and taking the right nutrition, you see a massive improvement to well being and health.
When you start practising your sales skills, you see your income go up.
When you start training with your partners every week, you see an exponential rise in character and knowledge…

There is nothing better than seeing results to motivate you, it’s like rolling a large stone down a hill, it might take a little push to get it going, but once it starts rolling you won’t be able to stop it.

Seeing results will change your mindset and will turn your life around and you will see a huge change to your business and to your status.

The simple truth is, there is nothing better than seeing progress in your business, your health, your fitness.. etc to break through the barriers that hold you in your boundaries.

Most importantly there is nothing easier than combining the right knowledge with the right actions to achieve the results you dream of and deserve!!

“The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself.”
-Mark Caine

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