FREE Chest Monday Workout

The universal chest day is monday right? All the bros gather around the bench press and flex their pectoral muscles furiously. Even though you feel confused as to why they love the bench so much, you somehow get the feeling that they’re all religiously devoted to training chest for a reason… So what should you do on this glorious chest Monday? Try this routine to get MASSIVE PECS:

Chest Monday Workout:

Bench Press – 8,6,4,2

Pause Bench Press – 6,6,6,6

Incline Bench Press – 6,6,6,6

Bench Cable Flies – 8,8,8,8 (+1 push, squeeze and hold at the end of each set)

Incline cable flies – 8,8,8,8


Preacher curls – 12,12,12,12

Tricep pushdown (rope) – 12,12,12,12

Light Barbell overhead press – 12,12,12,12

There’s no other workout out there that will give you a JOOCIERRRRR PUMP, get aesthetic and pump through your next Chest Monday!


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