FREE Savage Legs Workout

Legs are essential to your development and strength training in the gym. Having worked in a gym, I can see just how many people avoid doing legs and it is quite scary. I would say up to 80% of all gym tenants don’t train their legs!! So here’s a great legs routine to build up power in your legs and help you smash some PRs.

Core Routine:

  • SQUAT: 8,6,4,2 (40%RM, 60%RM, 80%RM, 90%RM)
  • FRONT SQUAT : 6,6,6,6 (60%RM, 70%RM, 75%RM, 80%RM)
  • ANDERSON SQUAT: 6,6,6,6 (40%RM, 50%RM, 60%RM, 70%RM)

Accessories (Increase the weight consistently for every set):

  • LEGPRESS: 8,8,8,8 (e.g add an extra 20kg plate each side per set)
  • KETTLE BELL LUNGES: 12,12,12,12 (6/leg) (e.g up the kettlebell/dumbbell size each set)
  • SQUAT JUMPS: 6,6,6,6 (e.g. add an extra 5kg/10kg plate each side per set)
  • CALF RAISES: 12,12,12,12 (e.g add an extra stack on the machine each set)

Good luck walking after this workout! It’s a great workout that pushes you to your limits and helps build up massive leg strength.

I trust my recovery and protection to USANA Health Sciences and take only the best, most potent pharmaceutical grade supplements to help me get back into the gym and train even harder.

These are my must have supplements:
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CoQuinone 100 (Energy production and cardiovascular health)

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