Is Your Health a Financial Priority?

Reading time: 2 minutes

Most people wouldn’t blink an eye spending $200 on some make up, new shoes or even a dinner date with the special someone but when it comes to the topic of health, $200 becomes a “fortune” or “expensive” price to pay. Is that the same with you?

I want you to ask yourself – am I putting enough effort into looking after my health?

How are your finances? Are you spending where you have to? Are you saving towards your financial freedom?

Let’s take an average uni student’s part time wage of $300/week and do some simple maths.

$300/week = $1200/month

40% of your wage goes towards your savings (for investments and emergencies) = $120/week = $480/month
30% of your wage goes towards your essential needs (food, groceries, petrol, etc) = $90/week = $360/month
20% of your wage goes towards your health needs (gym, supplements, mealprep etc) = $60/week = $240/month
10% of your wage goes towards your personal leisure spending = $30/week = $120/month

So you now have $240 a month to spend on your health. Is maintaining, recovering or even boosting your health really that expensive? Please value your health accordingly and make the conscious decision to invest into yourself, because that’s the best investment anyone can ever make.

Of course there is some wiggle room with those numbers and if you make more then you can definitely look for even more methods to improve and maintain your health. Happy spending friends! Let me know how you like to budget your finances in the comments below.


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