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I want to start the blog with the topic of life. I apologise for such a heavy topic to start off your journey into The Healthy Playbook, but I feel that we must come to terms with the nature of our lives.

Life is such a fragile thing. In the past month, I have personally seen an old friend get taken away from this world for doing absolutely nothing wrong – a life gone too soon due to someone else’s negligence. I have also seen a perfectly healthy family friend, mother of three, and loving wife go from perfectly fit and healthy to stage 4 cancer and eventually death within 10 days. Why is life so fragile? Within a second, it can be taken from you or a loved one. There is nothing that explains the pain and emptiness you feel after dealing with death.

My first experience with death was during high school, our school was deeply hit with the tragic news that one of our cohort had developed a serious case of brain cancer. Walking into the intensive care unit (ICU) at the Prince of Wales Hospital with a few of my friends, I felt empty and full of regret… as if I could have done something to know my friend better or maybe there was something I could have done to help him. The extent of our friendship was sharing a couple laughs playing soccer on the weekend and chatting with him down the hallway to our next class. We weren’t best friends but we were friends and by being a friend, you have the responsibility to look after one another. With that being said, walking into his room in the ICU, the mood was set with the darkened room and a few of his closer friends surrounding his bed watching him sleep with cables running out his body in all directions, hooked to all the life support machinery. I couldn’t help but cry alongside the dozen or so friends in the room. Normally we would call ourselves manly men, but by seeing our friend in that state, we crumpled into a pool of tears. Sadly that was the last time I saw him, a few days later we were invited to his funeral where our whole grade attended. Again tears could not stop flowing during the eulogy speeches and from that day on, I decided to do everything that I could to prevent myself from going to another friend’s funeral.

I’ve always had an infatuation with health and how our body functions. Even as a child I would read all the science books and study human anatomy. I was intrigued by how the human body functioned. This lead me to picking my degree and studying nutrition. The more I learned about how you can extend your life through proper lifestyle changes the more I committed myself to seeing this through. My past experiences have shown me that life can be so fragile and that poor health can bring so much suffering to not just yourself but your friends and loved ones. I am dedicated to sharing what I have learnt with not just my friends but with the public with the goal to educate everyone that reads this blog about how you can extend your life. I live with motto “Love Life and Live It”, because life is too unpredictable not to enjoy it.

Our life and our life expectancy are a culmination of various different factors, but ultimately our quality of life is directly proportional to the amount illnesses we have. I’m not just talking about your common “outside” illnesses like the flu, the cold or even allergies. I’m talking about the hidden diseases known as chronic diseases and their precursors. Illnesses can severely deteriorate your quality of life, not only for yourself but for the immediate circle around you. I believe the two most important contributing factors to combat these illnesses are proper nutrition and exercise. We won’t go into these two for now, but I promise you – sit tight because we will go through both in depth in the future. Most, if not all chronic illnesses can be prevented, cured and possibly reversed with the combination of proper cellular nutrition and exercise, after all our body is a machine.

Quality of Life
The Relation Between The Quality of Life and Severity of Maladies

Picture this – If your body was a Ferrari, would you be fueling it with E10 and driving it through neighbourhood streets? or would you be giving it 98 Octane and taking it down to the track? I know which one I’d choose. So now it’s your turn to make the choice. If you’ve come across this post to reflect upon your life or to read more about life in general, I beg you to carefully evaluate those areas of life that need improving and refer to those areas in this blog to help you out.

ULTIMATELY, our lives are dependent on our health. So come along with me on this journey towards health mastery. Life’s too short to be full of regrets and poor health, so as they say, “Carpe Diem” – Seize the day.


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