Welcome to The Healthy Playbook!

Congratulations for coming across this blog. Here you can find a step by step guide to restoring your well-being through proper nutrition and fitness. Have a quick read of the about section to see what the blog is all about. This blog is my attempt to educate you about health and fitness, to empower you to make proper lifestyle changes to help reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases. It is my hope to play a hand in reducing the rising rate of chronic diseases sweeping across the modern world.

Here’s a little plug about myself. I’m studying a Bachelors of Science with double majors in Nutrition & Metabolism and Physiology at the University of Sydney and I am on my way to becoming a qualified personal trainer with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers. I have started this blog with the goal to help educate you about chronic illness and how lifestyle can play a major role in the reduction and recovery of said diseases. Here I will attempt to cut the crap out of the flood of information we can find on the internet and bring you truly helpful articles that will change your life.

In this blog you will find comprehensive information about diets, nutrition (both macro and micro), fitness tutorials, free workout plans, philosophical thoughts, inspiration and plenty more informative articles to add to your arsenal of health and fitness knowledge.

Let’s work together to achieve true HEALTH MASTERY!

Your lifestyle coach,


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Excited for all the new content to come 🙂

    I’m also looking to become a PT and doing a course in Sports Nutrition at the moment so we are definitely on the same wave length

    Good Luck! X


    1. Thank for being one of the first to comment! I’ll be glad to help you out with nutritional stuff with all of your clients. Perhaps a possible partnership could occur down the line 😛 Best of luck! Keep in touch and always feel free to send me more messages 🙂


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